Allan Moffat Holden LX A9X Torana 1979 AMSCAR Series


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Allan Moffat #25 Holden LX Torana SS A9X 1979 AMSCAR Series.

In between ATCC rounds, many of the touring car drivers participated in an alternative run of sprint races known as the AMSCAR Series, based solely at Sydney’s Amaroo Park Circuit. The Amaroo Park Based Touring Car Series (AMSCAR) format was based around drivers competing in three sprint races at each round meeting. Allan decided to participate in the AMSCAR Series, but at a mid 1979 meeting he found himself stranded without a car. The race promoters and Ron Hodgson Racing came to an arrangement that saw Allan Moffat drive a sister car to the A9X Torana driven by Bob Morris.

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