Holden HSV E3 GTS in the Sting Red


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1:18 scale. HSV established in 1987, the official performance arm of Holden have been producing wild, spine tingling variants of Holden road cars for almost 30 years now. Perhaps one of the most recognisable HSV names to have ever been produced is the GTS. It is the full size performance sedan option in the range that in most cases was about as good as you could get when it comes to owning a HSV. This 1:18 Scale replica includes a number of very nice features including the badge work, metal etched grille in the front bumper assembly along with the metal etched side vent, the hood scoops and the black and chrome wheels are presented extremely well. This model is produced as a sealed body resin model. The 1:18 Scale E3 GTS is a must have model for Holden and HSV fans alike. It has been produced in a limited edition number and will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, dont miss it.

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