Holden LH Torana SL/R 5000 L34 in Sable Metallic


Collectors Club Price: $237.50
Available: 3rd Quarter 2019.

1:18 scale.

In August of 1974, Holden announced the L34 to its dealer network. Normally a new or upgraded model such as this would bring a raft of advertising and announcements from the manufacturer, but the L34 was released very quietly and in rather sneaky circumstances. According to many sources, Holden were so careful as to not alert the public / government of this car’s upgrades that many of the L34’s in showrooms weren’t fully complete with all their running gear, and some even suggest that Holden instructed its dealer network that buyers needed to apply to purchase the car, and it would only be sold to them if they were in possession of a CAMS competition license. They only wanted very skilled and responsible drivers to be cruising the streets in this particular car.

The Sable Metallic SL/R 5000 L34 is a beautifully produced model including a highly detailed engine bay, interior, undercarriage with high quality finishing, signature L34 flares and round head lights. It’s without a doubt, another worthy muscle car to add to your collection.

4 available for pre-ordering

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