Jim Richards Shannons Insurance 1972 AMC Javelin AMX #2 Original


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1:64 scale.

Originally the car was imported 1972 Javelin AMX (not an AMI car) that had previously been converted to RHD. Jim Richards had it converted back to LHD aas it would be more suitable to the majority of Australian racetracks that run in a counter clockwise direction (unlike Winton which runs clockwise).
The car had a Chrysler Spec Race Block, with the distrtibutor at the rear. The alternator was not a conventional type but none the less high performance and lightweight that was made suitable for racing. The tubes running from the sides of the radiator were airduct tubes for cooling the engine.
Jim finished 2nd in the 2012 Historic Racing Series and again at the Touring Car Masters in 2015, many years after the cars original success.
This is Jim’s FIRST and ORIGINAL Racing AMC.

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