Dick Johnson

A house hold name most Australian’s know not just as a racing legend but a team owner. DJ has done it all including winning 5 Australia Touring Car Championships in 1981, 1982, 1984, 1988 and 1989. As well as conquering the mountain 3 times in 1981, 1989 and 1994.  Big achievements at times comes with big consequences and DJ has had his fair share including the incident with a rock at Bathurst in 1980 taking him out of the lead of the Great Race. What about during Hardies Heroes (now top 10 shootout) when DJ was power-sliding the #17 Greens’-Tuf Falcon XE around the Bathurst circuit chasing pole position in 1983, to end the lap tagging the wall coming onto Conrod Straight, breaking the steering and sending Greens’-Tuf and DJ into the trees.  Safe to say DJ has made his mark in motorsport history!